Lloyd Pack

Lloyd Pack, P.E.
P.O. Box 1381
Caldwell, ID 83606

Lloyd has worked in a variety of positions since graduating from college. He's been with both large and small companies, improving his experience greatly in both. In school, he learned that learning the material is more important than jumping through the hoops to get it all done and behind him, so he took a variety of classes to expand his overall knowledge. That overall knowledge put him in the position of being the only one in his first office with certain skills. Since forming ACE in 2005, he's been able to apply his knowledge in a number of projects and his clients have benefited.

When not engineering, Lloyd likes to spend time in his woodshop, exploring new and exciting ways to change wood from a chunk of cellulose matter into something well worth decorating the dinner table for Thanksgiving. He's also found, at times, hunting or fishing, assuming he's not sinking putts on the course.


Willard Pack

Willard Pack, P.E.
P.O. Box 1381
Caldwell, ID 83606

Willard Pack worked in the Las Vegas office of Black & Veatch from September 1998 to June 2010. His emphasis has been on the use of computer software in engineering practices. In 1999, he started the GIS department in the Las Vegas Black & Veatch office and was the GIS manager for 10 years. He also spent considerable time modeling water and wastewater facilities in the Las Vegas Valley.

Willard worked with membrane technology to determine its feasibility in treating the shallow groundwater system in the Las Vegas Valley. He worked on several studies regarding the reuse of treated wastewater effluent, as well as the design of facilities for that purpose.

Willard received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Brigham Young University in 1996. He continued to study there, receiving his Master of Science in Civil Engineering in 1998. He has trained with ESRI in advanced GIS applications.